Away from the Mainland

Yesterday, the fourth, I awoke before 7 am to run the lines for a port spinnaker set, and to do the final load of laundry we will do in a machine until sometime in Mexico (not a joyful thought). We then had a wonderful sendoff from the dock and marina by friends at Channel Islands Landing in Oxnard, California. While somewhat calm, the sail to Santa Catalina was enjoyed by all; we had the spinnaker set from mid-morning until just after the sun set, while we still had some light to see by. Throughout the day we were periodically jolted from our relaxed state of mind when someone called, “Dolphins!” (Everyone on board knew we were looking at porpoises; we were unable to keep that in mind when we sighted them). The porpoises never failed to add some of the excitement that the two knots apparent did not provide. We arrived in Catalina harbor a few hours after sunset and had a quantum of excitement in our attempts to locate a free, official mooring using our spotlight, without disturbing sleeping cruisers. Today we all had a day to relax, sharpen knives, or do anything we fancied, even if that meant laying in one’s berth reading all day long. It is now 2000 hours and the call of my berth is growing at quite a clip. Anson

6 thoughts on “Away from the Mainland

  1. Congratulations, you adventurous quartet! Please let us know how long you’ll be in Catalina and whether it’s a possibility to meet up! Otherwise, I’ll wave at Catalina on my morning commute to work and wish you much sunshine and more porpoises. Love, Kavi and Ward


  2. You’re a day ahead of yourselves. You actually left Oxnard on the 5th!

    And may our little family talisman help keep you in good health, good cheer, and good guidance. I believe we neglected to tell you that when you are perplexed or at loose ends, Lil’ Albert has been known to speak soft words of wisdom if you rub his little belly after offering him a tot of rum in his copper cup, but only after having downed yours, and given proper due to the goddesses and gods of the seven seas and four winds! And don’t forget to lock up the schnapps at night.

    Much love, and !Bon voyage!


  3. Oops, wrong! You left the 4th, and posted your lovely departure summary on the 5th, as I read it yesterday. But maybe it was the 6th in Tahiti?


  4. So glad you’ve finally set sail! Happy Brigid, and smooth sailing! Can’t wait to hear about your high seas adventures!
    Love to all,
    Janie :0)


  5. Happy trails, brave sailors! Excited to be following you across the miles. (Just signed my dad up, too. He is vicariously thrilled.)
    Love, love, love,


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