Photos from Vanua Balavu


Mushroom Islets in the Bay of Islands


Drone photo of Anthea at anchor in Bay of Islands


View of Anthea from hike above Bavatu Harbor


Gossan at base of crevice in ancient uplifted reef


Islets in Bay of Islands


Drone photo of Anthea in Bay of Islands


Exploring the inner pools at Bay of Islands


Trough of low pressure approaching Vanua Balavu, view from overlook hike from Bavatu Harbor


Mounded islet, Bay of Islands


Kiteboarding at Susui village, Devon with helper


Devon kiting at Susui


View of Bay of Islands from overlook hike above Bavatu Harbor


The hike from Bavatu harbor en route to the overlook

7 thoughts on “Photos from Vanua Balavu

  1. OKAY- that is just enough of paradise. We are totally jealous at this point in the summer! Amazing how crowded the anchorages are from the photos you sent us- and how unsympathetic I am now after seeing all this- talking with you today while Anson with us and learning that you are now on your last overnite sail before putting Anthea to bed for another 9 months and saying ” oh, so sorry your summer almost over” .Now I am ready to say- get to work stripping off sails, cleaning below, and working your fingers to the bone for several days- you deserve it!!! Much love, Nana


  2. The comments above are pretty funny –

    Its so refreshing to FINALLY see some photos – and what AWESOME photos they are, OMG!!!

    Tonight I don’t have to google other people’s photos to get a visual of where you are. I’m also glad you threw in a couple people photos…its always wonderful to see you all and your friends over there.

    The Bay of Islands does look like a complete surreal dreamscape of the best kind.

    By the way, when do we get to hear from Devon? He has written screamingly funny blog posts…I notice Anson & Andrea snuck away without writing for the blog this summer…

    Lots of love, Zara


  3. So so so so beautiful, every photo! What enchanted places you have visited. Your narratives in the blog are wonderful, and the photos make everything even more real. How did you get the drone photo? And it’s nice to see a an image of the two of you happy sailors, in addition to the scenery.
    Meantime, here on land, we are loving having Anson with us for a few days. What a nice young man and what a treat to have him here! I hope I get a chance to lark around with him in London sometime.
    Big hugs to you both. love, Irene


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