Hold tight!

We’ve been working non-stop for weeks preparing for the departure.  Most of the big items are checked off  – Anson applied to college and graduated from high school, the house and offices are packed, the boat has been surveyed, the weather course completed, the rigging inspected, waxed and lubed, the automatic fire extinguisher installed, spare parts and final gear purchased.   But the work will continue for another week.  As promised, it will be February before we’ll have sailing stories to share.  So, back to the lists I (Kim) go.

One thought on “Hold tight!

  1. Hello WONDERFUL family,
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    Many Kudos to Kim and Jupe for putting together this BEAUTIFUL Blog.
    Grandma Carroll saw it before I did – many thanks to Carol the Pianist 🙂
    I’ll print the written portion and bring to Grandma…
    LOVE & HUGS,


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