Weathering the Storm

The storm we’ve been watching and preparing for arrived last night. We sailed across Turtle Bay to the southern anchorage and tucked behind the reef. This spot provides shelter from the surge generated by storm winds racing from the south, as well as the storm waves cascading through the entrance to the Bay.
Mark spent yesterday preparing the tackle for the storm anchor and improving the chafe gear and shock absorption for our primary anchor rode. Anson got out his fancy camera, lenses and filters to capture the drama of the stormy skies. Devon and I spent the day reading from “500 years of Chicana History,” Reyna Grande’s “The Distance Between Us,” and Spanish language study, with a break for Devon to make a vanilla cake with lemon curd and cream glaze (every storm needs a sweet spot). In the evening Anson launched the Algebra course by teaching Devon the finer points of exponents.

As we hoped, the southern anchorage provided the shelter we needed. We stood anchor watch during the wee hours of the night when it was blowing 27-30 knots and gusting to 35-37; fortunately our anchor managed to hold after the wind veered sharply to the West. Today promises to be squally, but the barometer is rising, so, as long as there’s no “sting from the scorpion’s tale,” we’re through the worst of the wind. The seas, however, will build through tomorrow, so I expect we’ll have a bouncy ride behind the protection of the reef. Pancakes are calling, so signing off for now.

5 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. Wonderful to hear you all did well with the storm and thankfully it has passed! We arrived home last night to find that Monterey county had been hit hard during the morning, leaving highways closed from downed trees, a big rig turning over on its side, electricity off and some schools let out. The shuttle bus driver said it was chaos, as the first bus to get through was mid afternoon, and we had a van full as flights were cancelled and folks needed shuttle rides! Our house fine, Jennifer, Rodney and the girls are fine and their home as well. What a change from Puerta Vallarta, where the skies were blue, the warm air made swimming in pools lovely. How fabulous that you were able to send this message to us, because, of course, all of us were constantly checking weather to see if you were safe- thank you for loving on us! Louise


  2. So thrilled your made it through your first storm of the voyage without a hitch!!! How clever you all are 🙂
    We had a bit ‘o pandemonium up here last week – “in a season of record snow and rainfall” 100,000 people were given 1 hr to evacuate communities below the Oroville Dam when one of the emergency overflow spillways started to erode. Fortunately a lull in the rain, emergency repair work with LARGE equipment and prayers have prevailed for now. Evacuees returned to their homes after only 1 night, I believe.
    Will now proceed into the night with my first liver/gallbladder cleanse…hurray! Qigong practice is next – to open my meridians.
    Baker-Berry’s I hope you keep practicing the breathing/tapping meditation the Quebec sailor taught you.
    Awesome to chat with you tonight Mark! Oodles of Love & Hugs from Zara & Carroll (she asked me to sign her name along with mine for all written communications).


  3. Dear ones,

    I just learned that water can be purified with Grapefruit Seed Extract – no need to filter it – just add 3 drops/gallon of mountain water, shake well and drink with confidence! I learned about this while reading product reviews of ‘Nutribiotic GSE Liquid Concentrate’ on Amazon. Evidently its a first-aid kit in a bottle, powerful anti-fungal among other things. Just thought I’d mention it…a little goes a very long way.
    Also, the wonderful Colon Hydrotherapist in Arcata recommends ‘BioKult’ as a probiotic, which can be ordered online.

    Love and Hugs,


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