Devon Sailing down Baja

Devon enjoying a sunset under the spinn off the Baja coast

Kim and Devon Sailing down Baja

Devon and Kim relaxing under the spinn off the Baja coast


Mark sailing down Baja

Mark at Los Frailles

Mark surveying Los Frielles on the southern tip of Baja


Sunrise at Los Frielles


Sunset off the Baja coast


Weathering the storm at Turtle Bay


Bottlenose dolphin at Magdalena Bay


Bottlenose dolphin at Magdalena Bay


Bottlenose dolphin at Magdalena Bay


Whale off the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas


Whales at Magdalena Bay


Whale at Magdalena Bay

6 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Oh, how gorgeous! You all look so happy in those pictures, and the dolphins and whales do too! I bet you could even identify the whale whose tail you caught in the future just from those great markings!
    I am so glad that you are following your splendid dream! Sail on indeed! Much love to you.


  2. Ah, the cruising life, all of you look fabulous! Where are photos of Anson, the photographer?
    Seeing the storm in Turtle Bay, totally understand why you hunkered down for a few days!
    Enjoy your windsurfing!


  3. Anson, thank you for sharing the gorgeous, technically adept photographs – Wow !!!! Grandma says, “We’re ready for more!” (we’re viewing them right now in her apartment on my laptop 🙂 and we thank you for all your wonderful phone calls to grandma.
    Everyone looks fulfilled and contented. Mark looks in need of some sleep 🙂
    We LOVE everyone’s Blog posts – we’ve started a Blog Binder at Grandma’s house which we enthusiastically add to each time there is a new post.
    Devon we’ve been laughing our way through your posts – you’re a wonderful storyteller, your narrative skills are so engaging, filled with nuance. I love the way your second post began by referencing your first post…
    Vivian who cuts your hair wanted news of you – we paid a visit to House of Flair last week.

    So glad to hear we’ve got a couple of Rock Star Kite Boarders in the family!

    Grandma and I had a rip roaring good time in between the storms at the Samoa Jetty. We walked arm-in-arm alongside – the ocean was heaving, the waves were flooding and spraying over the jetty wall. Then we walked along one of the endless, desolate beaches on the Samoa peninsula. Then we went to Bittersweet, a hip new cafe across from the Coop, where we ran into Dr. Mahoney! Top that!

    We miss you and are thrilled about your joyous journey of Self-Discovery.


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