Hello All,

I have just managed to upload the roughest possible draft of my video of Anthea in the Sea of Cortez. I am continuing to edit it and when I next have decent internet I hope to be able to upload a final version. To watch the video please follow the link: Anthea in the Sea of Cortez

5 thoughts on “Video!

  1. Anson, this is great for your first try. We look forward to seeing the final one when you have internet! Saw the one about the windvane problem- hope you are able to fix that. Love, Nana


  2. I LOVE the video, and can imagine you all spying on those whales and rays. The rays look like they’re having such fun! The fish and coral are gorgeous, too. And mastering kiteboarding in addition to diving and doing video together is terrific!
    Best wishes for your last few days before your great crossing, and for the Pacific crossing itself. What an adventure! I’m sending best wishes with you!
    Love and hugs, from an anchor here in sunny Arcata.


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