Day 7 Boisterous NE Trades

April 11
Yesterday, Day 7, introduced us to the full on north east trade winds. Blowing 18-20 knots (some gusts to 26), they come with steep wind waves four to six feet high, roughly. Humidity is up, as is the air temperature. Down below, it’s sticky. We’re currently at longitude 121, and contemplating an ITCZ crossing at 135 degrees, so we’ve got a good 6-7 days at least, with these favorable winds carrying us westward. We jibed over to starboard tack in predawn light and are now on a heading of 260 degrees. On the other tack we were making too much southerly direction and would hit the southern edge of the trades before we got west enough; so now we’re sure to stay in trade wind alley. Devon popped up to help us make the jibe – his extra pair of hands very helpful in the cockpit, handling lines, while I was on the foredeck and Kim at the wheel. Anson’s on watch at the moment, with camera in hand in case a beautiful bird comes swooping by. Kim’s asleep in the pilot berth, tired after a four hour watch (3am to 7am), plus some..

“Four souls on board and all is well,” as we say on the net check in.

Mark (at 12 deg 41.4 minutes Latitude and 121 deg 1 minute longitude)

2 thoughts on “Day 7 Boisterous NE Trades

  1. Ahh I understand so few of the sailor words but I understand the gist – you are moving in the right direction and life is good 😉 sail on friends.


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