Day 12 Glimpse of the Past

With no exciting news to report, other than a jibe to head us on our next leg of the journey towards the ITCZ, we’re posting a blog of Devon’s that never made it up. Part I of March 20th (Sea of Cortez, islands off of La Paz) comes up today. Look for part II in a few days.

March 20, 2017 Botched Kiteboarding Attempt
We had been sailing for 4 hours, coasting along with a gentle breeze. My family had left Isla San Francisco at 12:30 after a botched kiteboarding attempt. All of us had woken up early in the morning, while the wind was still strong. We piled in the dinghy with all of the kite boarding gear (2 kites, 2 boards, 2 harnesses, 2 leashes, 2 lines, 2 impact vests, and 2 wetsuits). Hector, our dinghy, was motored around the point to a little beach. Anson set up his kite, attached his lines and suited up. Our plan was to do a dinghy launch, which consisted of dropping the person in the water, trying to keep ninety degrees to the wind while letting the person unravel the lines and then somehow launch the kite. As it turned out, the steep chop was a little too big. As soon as we got out we had to return to the beach and take care of the equipment. While Anson’s kite was drying out, Kim read her book, Mark took a nap, and Anson and I played checkers by using stones, shells, and drawing lines on the sand. After packing up and surviving the wet dinghy ride, we had a quick lunch and left for Ensenade Grande. Devon
Latitude 8 degrees 42 minutes N
Longitude 131 degrees 58 minutes W

One thought on “Day 12 Glimpse of the Past

  1. glad to read this retro report! Glad all is well. You all the talk of the day at the Easter dinner at our house with Jennifer, Rodney, Chloe and Lily. All of us sending you much love! When you finally make land fall and drop the anchor I hope you will take some sleep time and not rush around! That really won’t be so long from now as you seem to make great progress daily. So admire you all for doing this momentous trip.
    Love, Louise


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