More Photos!

Second installment of photos.

As I am using a french keyboard to type the captions and paying through the nose while I am at it I will try to add the rest later from my laptop.



Anson buying fruit


Devon washing clothesIMG_2015R

Sailing to Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva


Kiteboarding Anaho BayIMG_2040R

Sand Play Anaho BayIMG_2110R

Lagoon sailing Raroia atoll, TuamotusIMG_2135R

Kiteboarding TahaneaIMG_2154R

Magical waters of Tahanea


Devon at Raroia atoll, driving Max and Alex’s fancy dinghyIMG_2269R

Kim with Nolan and Napoleon, Makemo AtollIMG_2279R

launching Anson at ThaaneaIMG_2371R

Morning Bounty, TahaneaIMG_2393R

Cruising the lagoon, TahaneaIMG_2424R

leaving Fakarava’s South PassIMG_2473RIMG_2538R


3 thoughts on “More Photos!

  1. More and more wows!!! Thanks for taking the time and effort and francs (?) to send these. So great to have pix to go with the stories. You all look wonderful and wonderfully HAPPY! Sail on!!!


  2. Wow. I’m just speechless. Thank you so much for sending. So good to get a glimpse of all of you and of that part of our incredible planet.


  3. Immensely grateful to you for sharing your your adventures. Amazing to be able to have this vicarious virtual share in your epic journey!!! Love to you all. Drizzling here, dazzling green. Love to you all!!


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