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We’ve arrived Opua, New Zealand/Aotearoa! Got in to the quarantine dock at 10am this morning (Monday, 27/11), local time – a run of exactly seven days. Approaching New Zealand this morning was magical, the landscape similar to the beauty of Marin headlands, Tiburon, with many small bays and anchorages and lots of sailboats. We travelled 1065 nautical miles on a rhum line course of 1030 – so pretty good! Our average boat speed was 6.35 knots. Given that the first three days were on the slow side (light wind and motoring 17 hours), we’re pretty sure that the last three or four days were Anthea’s best daily runs ever. We were exceedingly fortunate to have wind all the way into Opua. Earlier predictions were for no wind from about 120 miles out, but a small smallish trough over the north tip of the north island created a bit of a pressure gradient that we were happy to utilize.

We’ve cleared biosecurity and are now waiting for customs to visit us. Many boats at quarantine dock, waiting for clearance; most seem to have just arrived from Fiji. We’ll get a slip here for a couple weeks or so.

Hard to believe we’re here, tied to a dock. New Zealand/Aotearoa has been a dreamed of destination for decades. We have a sense of accomplishment and thankfulness.


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  1. BRAVISSIMO!!!! Good work. Happy to know you are at a dock, after your writing about the scary and difficult conditions.
    Enjoy NZ!
    Deborah T


  2. Yahoo!!! We have held our breaths all day, hoping for your safe arrival. What wonderful sailors you are and what a save and fast boat Anthea is. We love, love,love all four of you! Much love, Nana


  3. Congratulations, fabulous! You Are just the best❤️❤️ I admire your focused competence and courage and blessed be the Beauty of the World!
    Much love love love to all four, Jone


  4. Woo hoo! Yippee. Congratulations … We have been following this crossing with great anticipation, as well, and so happy to hear that you have arrived safely.


  5. Congratulations!! It sounds like you had a great run over and the wind treated you well. Enjoy, Gina and I hope to get to New Zealand someday. Enjoy 😉


  6. You did it !!! Congratulations! Much love to all of you amazing sailors and human beings, and wishes for a wonderful stay in Aotearoa / New Zealand! Best wishes and mazal tov!


  7. Congrats, Mark! I’ve always wanted to go to Aotearoa. Recently was very inspired to do so after watching a documentary calle Toa Hunter Gatherer. I sent you an email via this page not too long ago. Any chance you could check it out and get back to me? Thanks and safe travels!


  8. I’ll never be able to say “safe travels” again to someone without thinking of your passages in the Pacific, and what joy it brings to know someone has finally safely arrived. So glad you are in New Zealand. Wishing you many enjoyable days ahead!


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