Milky Way

The sky was stunningly clear on the second night at Stewart Island, so Papa and I decided to wake up shortly after midnight to do astrophotography. We had an amazing time photographing the milky way and constellations; the result is a two exposure panorama.


P.S. On my laptop the photograph looks much sharper if I right click and select “Open image in new tab.”


3 thoughts on “Milky Way

  1. Anson, your photos are so fabulous- thank you for sharing with all your blog followers! Not everyone knows that to get to this point you would have first gotten rid of out of focus ones, then second pass to get rid of less clear or interesting ones, then sort again to choose the few to post of the many, many excellent ones. It was fun doing some of that process with you while snuggled in a bnb during rain and cold- with a very fast internet( unusual). Many hugs, Nana


  2. Anson, What an astonishing, amazing, beautiful, exquisite image! I followed your suggested of opening t in another tab. Wow!! — love to all, Irene


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