Day 6 Just Slippin’ Along…

Day 6 officially ended this morning at 8am local time. We’ve averaged 130 nautical miles per day since leaving Cabo San Lucas – quite respectable. Yesterday, we jibed over to port tack after a week on starboard, in part in search of a quieter sea state and to make more southing. The decision paid off both in terms of the comfort of the ride and making southing towards the trades. At times, in the aft berth this morning I couldn’t tell Anthea was moving at all, other than the sound of the water sloshing by the hull – that’ how easily she was slipping through the water at 6 knots. We continue to make good progress (5.5-6.5 knots boat speed) with the jib poled out, between 150 and 180 degrees off the wind and with a pretty well organized set of wave conditions. We’ve begun checking in with the Puddle Jump net each evening – a good way to stay in touch with the other boats also making this crossing. Yesterday evening we learned that two boats had crossed the ITCZ at 128 degrees west and experienced 24 hours of severe thunder storm activity (though they got through it fine). This supports our decision to aim for an ITCZ crossing of around 130 degrees latitude, or maybe even 132 degrees, and the general conventional wisdom that we should make our westing using the northeast trades, which are stronger and more consistent than the southeast. Anyway, we’ve plenty of time to cogitate on our crossing strategy, analyze weather documents and consult with Kim’s father about routing.

On the food front Devon cooked up a delicious potato and sausage frittata for dinner yesterday. I wonder what he has in store for us today?!

Mark (at 14 degrees 10.4 minutes North, 119 degrees 36.7 minutes West)

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