Free Diving Videos

As we are now in Vunda Point Marina, I finally have the bandwidth speed to upload videos! Once my 5GB uploading limit is cleared I will upload the video of  kiteboarding at Taveuni. Many apologies for the lack of music. Due to the poor reception, I have been unable to download free music at the anchorages where I have edited the videos. Below are the links the videos of Rainbow Reef, Somosomo Straight and South Save-A-Tack Passage, Namena Island (both shot in 4K).

Raninbow reef:

South Save-A-Tack Passage, Namena Island:


2 thoughts on “Free Diving Videos

  1. We are now planning to come home from Alaska on Sunday, August 5. Can’t remember when you said you’re coming through the bay area. But does that mean we might catch you?

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  2. Spectacular! I had the opportunity to scuba dive in the Philippines in the 80s and your video reminds me of that unforgettable experience….


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