Kiteboarding Taveuni


Due to our weekly upload limit, I am only now able to upload this final kiteboarding video of Devon and me kiteboarding at Taveuni. Kim was the dedicated videographer/kiteboarding widow during our epic four days of kiting Taveuni, so thank you Mum! All of the video I used was shot on the final day when there was beautiful light and just barely enough wind for us to kiteboard. Devons smaller kite forced him to focus more on keeping upwind than executing tricks. Amazingly, Devon, Mark and I were the only people kiteboarding at this picture perfect location. There is a reef breaking the swell one nautical mile upwind of the launch location giving almost perfecltly flat water in conjunction with the shallow water preventing wind waves from building. When Devon and I desired waves to play in we simply kited upwind to the reef over which we would kite, playing in the breakers.

Here is the link:


One thought on “Kiteboarding Taveuni

  1. OMG! 2 Strapping Young Princes on Holiday in Fiji!
    Such smooth and elegant take-offs, turns and landings. I always thought Kite-Boarding was a two handed affair – I was interested to see each of you skimming along with only one hand on the kite bar. I kept looking for Mark on his kite-board…?
    Next time I’d love to hear some narration from the videographer.


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